Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Don't s For Your Accounts

There r some Tips To protect Your Accounts
* Ensure 'HTTP' Browsing
*Don't save passwords in Your Browser coz it may be show passwords,,
Don't save user name In Browser... 
*Delete the saved User name by Pressing 'Delete' when user name is edited
*Don't Keep Easy passwords like (mobile,roll no.,) Coz ur friends may guess easy passwords
*Hide Mobile No. and User Name and keep it in private
* Don't keep any personal info in social networks
*Don't Add UnkNown People
*Don't Use untrusted 
*Don't share any Personal Information with unknown
*Don't add Your Own Pics (Ladies)
*Don't Keep Pics Visible To public
*Don't save User name In Internet cafe... (Delete the browsing history,,,)

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