Monday, January 28, 2013


Dear Airtel users,

Please be alert while using your number... there r been fraudulent from the Bharathi airtel for some air tel numbers... the numbers are been swapped and recycled. once your number is swapped (Recycled) u will not get the number back..

it has been noticed many times from the airtel customer complaining that they are getting activation's for unnecessary and money gets deducted. once you call the customer care the customer care cuts your calls when u speak to them (they are afraid that the customer will tell them to refund the money) when the call gets disconnected Ur number will be automatically blocked and you will not be able to call them again. so dear airtel customers please be careful while using your numbers always do low recharge and use it or else your activation's will get started and once you start calling the customer care your number will be recycled or in other words swapped. i.e, you will not get your number back it will be banned forever... so if u wanna get saved from that please do port your number... or else try to recharge low amount only..

Choice is yours..:)

Thanks with regards,

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